Seminars in Munich

Seminars in Munich

Further education in Munich: Book executive training course now

The Bavarian capital with its charming surroundings and proximity to the Alps enjoys great popularity. But it is not only the beautiful surroundings that attract numerous visitors. Munich itself has many facets: cultural sights such as castles and important museums on the one hand. Plus beer garden culture and the Oktoberfest.

And a thriving economy with booming high-tech industries on the other.

Not to be forgotten: Munich has two elite universities, Ludwig Maximilian University and the Technical University.

Education is a top priority in the "cosmopolitan city with a heart". For specialists and managers, training courses in Munich are therefore a special highlight. Thanks to excellent connections, travel to the city can be by train, car or plane.

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Name: Trainer Training
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Duration: 2 Days
Price: 810,00 € pro Baustein
Name: Psychology of investor behaviour
Period: By agreement
Duration: 2 Days
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Name: Online-Marketing
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Find the right management course in Munich

The Management-Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann is a renowned provider of further education, which, in addition to rhetoric and communication seminars, also holds a number of other further education courses in Munich. Such as sales training or courses on time and self-management. In the latter, you learn time-saving work techniques and how to manage important tasks under high time pressure.

The benefit of training courses in Munich: You will develop personally and will be able to use the knowledge gained in your professional life.

In our leadership trainings in Munich we make you fit for the modern working world. This is increasingly characterized by decentralized work, new workplace models and increased teamwork.

You can choose the right course for you from the following specialist and management courses in Munich:

  • Rhetoric
  • Sales training
  • Leading without a superior
  • Telephone training
  • Moderation training
  • Executive assistance
  • Project management in practice

All our training courses in Munich take place in modern and technically well-equipped event rooms in a pleasant environment.

The group size is deliberately kept small, with a maximum of nine participants, to ensure individual learning. A high degree of practical relevance with exercise examples, simulation of everyday situations and exchange of experiences characterizes every training course for managers in Munich.

Top Seminars in Munich



Eloquence and persuasiveness in practice

From employee to manager

Successful entry into the new leadership role

How do I come across to others?

Feedback intensive

Time management and self-management

Make your work more effective through organization and time management

Lateral leadership

Managing successfully without hierarchical authority

Presentation training

How to win over your audience
Customer reviews
I can rate this seminar as "very good"!
I found the professional competence of the seminar leader very good!
The working atmosphere during this seminar was very pleasant and effective.
I particularly liked the practical exercises and the subsequent reflection.
I particularly liked the relaxed atmosphere during the seminar.
I particularly liked the continuous dialogue between participants and trainer.
I particularly liked the dynamics within the group; there was no boredom!
I have been able to take with me many important impulses for my professional and private life.
I liked the professional competence of the trainer!
Positive aspects are: the practical relevance, the open topic design and the cooperation within the group.
I liked the lively discussions and the examples from the everyday life of the seminar participants. I found it helpful to secure the transfer of the training content.
I really liked the combination of theory and practice in this training.
I found the opportunity to discuss current problems and conflicts in day-to-day management extremely helpful.
I particularly liked the open discussion possibilities and the individual treatments of tasks.

Your advantages with seminars from Kitzmann in Munich

With further training for managers in Munich, you can expand your knowledge specifically in an area in which you would like to gain strength and competence. Perhaps you want to train your repartee or practice small talk? We have special courses for this in our program.

If one of your tasks in the future will be to lead groups, why not try a facilitation training course in Munich?

Such communication training is a focus of our training institute.

The advantage of face-to-face seminars in Munich: Participants receive practical know-how that goes beyond "book knowledge". Input from our experienced trainers is provided through the inclusion of practical examples, extensive reflection and mutual feedback.

The exchange with the other participants during the breaks or at the joint lunch may help you to gain new perspectives.

After all, direct contact with others can be inspiring. Participation in training courses has already led to many an idea for joint projects or to new business alliances.

Seminars in for specialists and managers in Munich


Train speech fluency and persuasiveness through rhetoric courses.


Learning leadership skills and motivating teams through leadership seminars.

Work Techniques and Organization

Structure work methods and processes through organizational courses.

Personality Development

Self-confidence and resilience training in personality development courses.


Improve sales and increase profits through sales seminars.

Human Resources Development

Recognizing and promoting potential through personnel development courses.

Further advantages of leadership training in Munich

You will return from a leadership training in Munich with new insights and probably a greater dynamism in your company. Your employees will also benefit from this. Finally, you will pass on the experience and knowledge you have gained to the workforce, it will flow into the work processes. This knowledge transfer benefits the department and ultimately benefits the company as a whole.

After each management course in Munich, we will send you a certificate of participation as a PDF. You can use this certificate of acquired knowledge as proof in case of career changes.

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