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A top American executive once said, "The only way to motivate people is through communication," (Lee Iacocca (b. 1924), 1979-92 CEO. Chrysler Corp).

But not only motivation, many other aspects of employee management are ensured by appropriate communication. It is easy to understand that everyday conversations between door-to-door are not enough. Occasions for an appraisal interview can be target agreements, development opportunities, performance appraisals and much more. But it is also advisable to hold regular appraisal interviews even if there is no special reason for doing so.

Thus, a manager should sit down with the employee at least once a year for a formal discussion. The following advice should be followed for a successful appraisal interview:

Thorough preparation is essential. Many companies have standardized guidelines or forms that managers can use as a guide. But even without a predefined structure, managers should prepare a checklist of topics to be addressed.
In addition, sufficient time must be planned for the interview. A satisfactory result can hardly be achieved in less than half an hour. If mutual appreciation is expressed at the beginning of the interview, this creates a pleasant atmosphere.
Respect and a transparent assessment are indispensable. A discussion always takes place between two people; a one-sided definition of desired goals and behaviors rarely leads to the expected result.

Finally, a meeting protocol should be prepared in which the most important results of the meeting are recorded. This is signed by both the employee and the manager and given to both. It can also serve as a useful preparatory aid for the next meeting.
A professionally conducted performance review becomes an effective management tool.

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Author: Management-Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann

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