Successful Negotiations Training

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Seminar objective

The participation in negotiations requires, among other, an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. Furthermore, you need a deeper understanding of the practical approach you need to take, in order to communicate your ideas with conviction and reach set goals with efficiency. The techniques, necessary for the successful participation in negotiations, meetings and conferences will be presented and analyzed in this course.

Seminar content

  • Phases of negotiations and meetings
  • Developing negotiation strategies
  • The search for integrating solutions for negotiations
  • Five important points for every negotiation
  • How to deal with difficult opponents
  • The important role of emotions in negotiations and meetings
  • The influence of certain personality traits of the participants
  • The important differentiation between short- and long-term results
  • Traps and dead ends during negotiations
  • Objective and rational or emotional and aggressive?
  • Concepts for negotiations: Harvard Concept, non-directive concept by Carl Rogers, the win-win concept by Thomas Gordon
  • How to steer the tension level during negotiations
  • Hard when negotiating, friendly when talking personally
  • Negotiations with several partners
  • Important methods of meeting and conference techniques
  • How to ensure results
  • Minutes, Summary Record and Report


  • Targeted exercises
  • Trainer-input
  • Individual and group feedback

Target audience

The successful negotiations training is perfect for professionals of all fields of work, who want to both brush up their english skills and master the skill of succesful negotiation.

980,00 € (ex. VAT)
1.166,20 € (inc. VAT)
Price includes comprehensive training documents, coffee and tea, and lunch.

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05.12.2022 - 06.12.2022
23.02.2023 - 24.02.2023
01.06.2023 - 02.06.2023


  • Strong practical relevance
  • The seminar is guaranteed
  • Seminar provider since 1975
  • Hygiene concept

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  • Day 1: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Day 2: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Seminar language


Number of participants

not more than 9 participants

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We would be happy to conduct all of our open seminars for you in an adapted form as an in-house seminar.


The training content has been perfectly aligned with my needs!
I particularly liked the methodical execution of this training and the atmosphere between participants and trainer!
I found it helpful to discuss realistic situations from everyday working life as well as the numerous tips for solving problems.
After the training I was particularly satisfied with the relaxed atmosphere, the individual work and the new approaches and information. A very practical seminar!

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Period: 05.12.2022 - 06.12.2022
Ort: Münster
Duration: 2 Days
Price: 980,00 €
Period: 23.02.2023 - 24.02.2023
Ort: Frankfurt
Duration: 2 Days
Price: 1.150,00 €
Period: 01.06.2023 - 02.06.2023
Ort: Münster
Duration: 2 Days
Price: 1.150,00 €
Period: 14.09.2023 - 15.09.2023
Ort: Frankfurt
Duration: 2 Days
Price: 1.150,00 €
Period: 07.12.2023 - 08.12.2023
Ort: Münster
Duration: 2 Days
Price: 1.150,00 €