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Background information on the topic of "personality development"

Everyone has a personality. But how does this personality come across to others? Which facets become visible in the public sphere and to what extent do they influence our effect on the world outside ourselves?

Successful personality management strengthens success in professional life and enables personal development. In order to recognize one’s personal strengths and weaknesses, feedback is a first and essential source of information. Facing external perspectives requires courage and the willingness to accept both positive and negative qualities as personal competencies, either to develop them further or to transform them into positives.

Dealing with one’s own patterns is the prerequisite for being able to develop alternatives and then try them out. This is how conscious personality development begins. A protective framework and a positive atmosphere provide the conditions for this confrontation with one’s own personality and give impetus and motivation for the strengthening of inner resources and their expression.

By looking into the psychological causes and roots of how our personality has developed, some of our patterns and idiosyncrasies clear up by themselves. It becomes clear why someone displays certain behaviours or why some skills are simply not available at all. The “blind spots” found in this way can be discussed in the context of a safe seminar atmosphere, so that alternatives can be sought and tested.

In order to change behaviour or strengthen newly-discovered resources, both analytical approaches and the search for positive terms and words can be used in identifying new goals in personality development. Changes in how we relate to and manage our personality, lead to changes in the way we perceive the environment too, so that new impressions have to be processed. To protect and preserve the integrity of one’s own personality, authenticity and self-confidence are essential companions along the way.

The weekend seminar “Personality Development” of the Management Institute Dr. Kitzmann gives specialists and managers the opportunity to train these aspects beyond their professional obligations on Saturdays and Sundays.

Author: Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann

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